Oman: Staff accommodation to be used as quarantine centres

Companies and private institutions in Oman can use their employees accommodation to provide mandatory institutional quarantine but with certain guidelines, Government Communication Centre (GC) said on Thursday.

According to the Government Communication Centre, companies/institutions are required to review and implement the requirements specified by the Relief and Shelter Sector regarding institutional health isolation sites before submitting the application. It is required when submitting the application, that the arrivals are more than 15 persons.

The company/ institutions should also submit an official request addressed to the Director-General of Social Development / the supervisor of the relief and the shelter sector in the governorate, where the proposed site for health isolation is. The Technical team will visit the proposed site to assess the extent of the company/institution’s commitment to health controls and requirements according to the form prepared for that.

The technical team should also submit a report on the site visited and the availability of requirements and measures taken at the site in accordance with the health conditions and requirements. In case of approval, The Relief and Shelter Sector issues a declaration of approval to activate the institutional health isolation of the company / institution.


Times of Oman

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