Renault Duster: Safe, powerful, and stylish

If you’ve ever felt the need to have different vehicles for different purposes – one that’s safe, another that’s performance-focused, and another to flaunt the style? The Renault Duster 2022 brings a safe, powerful, and stylish all-in-one solution to all your driving needs.

The Renault Duster has high ground clearance, chrome grille surround that ensures no road is daunting anymore. Thanks to its angles of approach and departure and Hill Descent Control designed for any terrain, the car easily tackles curbs, pavements, and rocky surfaces.

Blind spots are a thing of the past when you are on the highway with the very accurate blind-spot warning feature. As soon as a vehicle is detected in a side blind spot, an indicator light appears in the corresponding rear-view mirror alerting you of the approaching hazard. The SUV has a multi-view camera that makes sure you can see obstacles likely to get in your way and manoeuvre with total peace of mind.

Cruise control and speed limiters act as your accomplice making sure you drive at a constant speed without touching the accelerator pedal and can set the maximum speed that you don’t want to exceed. Taking the factors of comfort, power, performance, and style a notch above, this latest version of Renault Duster sets up the standards high. The ultimate classic family SUV par excellence, Duster is without a doubt a perfect partner to take on all the journeys you decide to take on.


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