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Saudi: 2-Year Jail, SR20,000 Fine for Expat Convicted of Manufacturing Adulterated Veterinary Products

A specialised court in Dammam awarded two years in prison and a fine of SR20000 to an expatriate who was convicted of manufacturing and possessing adulterated and unregistered veterinary preparations. He was also found guilty of manufacturing and printing packets for containers of veterinary preparations with the intention of fraud.

The expatriate was caught by criminal investigation officers from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) during their inspection tour in the city of Dammam, while transporting veterinary preparations in an unrefrigerated car with a high temperature without having thermal maps and temperature gauges, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

It was found in the examinations of SFDA that the expatriate sales representative possessed unregistered veterinary pharmaceutical preparations, and used raw materials to manufacture veterinary preparations, such as a spray for treating parasites and eye diseases of animals. The results of the analysis showed that they did not comply with the technical regulations, in addition to purchasing empty containers in commercial quantities for the purpose of filling these preparations without obtaining regulatory licenses.

After carrying out the necessary investigation, the Public Prosecution in the Eastern Province referred the case to the competent court, which issued the verdict.


Saudi Gazette

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