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Saudi: Airlines to compensate in case of loss, damage or delay of luggage

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has imposed a financial compensation on air carriers if they delayed, lost or damaged passengers’ luggage.

The air carrier must compensate each customer holding a traveling ticket with a minimum of SR1,820, and no more than SR6,000 for the loss, damage or delay of luggage.

The customer who wants to raise the level of compensation because his luggage contains valuable or high-value items must disclose to the air carrier of their presence and its value before boarding the plane.

Customers must be compensated in the event that their luggage was delayed, equivalent to SR104 for each day of delay, and a maximum of SR520 for domestic flights. As for international flights, customers must be compensated with the equivalent of SR208 for each day of delay, and a maximum of SR1,040, upon receiving the delayed baggage.

The additional pieces must be issued with an identification card by the air carrier and with a separate fee. The air carrier is required to compensate the customer for damage or loss of baggage within 30 days from the date of receiving the compensation claim.



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