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Saudi Arabia: Only fully vaccinated students can attend in-person classes

The Ministry of Education has issued an urgent directive stating that students who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 should continue their education remotely.

The ministry instructed the educational departments to make available all the required educational facilities and services as well as alternative arrangements for such students.

The ministry stipulated that only fully vaccinated students (those who received two doses) can attend classes in-person from the beginning of the new academic year. It also gave the students a time limit of two weeks starting the beginning of this semester to complete the vaccination.

Students who have specific health conditions that prevent them from taking the vaccination are exempted. All education departments must send the ministry a statement listing the names of students with such health conditions.

The new directive by the ministry reemphasizes that students who did not receive two doses of the vaccine shall continue their classes remotely and are not permitted to attend classes in-person under any circumstances.


Saudi Gazette

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