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Saudi Arabia: Two explosive-laden Houthi boats cause fire at oil facility

A small fire broke out engulfing floating hoses of an offloading platform south of the Red Sea on Wednesday during an operation carried out by the Arab Coalition forces to destroy two unmanned boats carrying explosives launched by the terrorist Houthi militia, an official source at Saudi Ministry of Energy said.

In a statement carried by Saudi Press Agency late Thursday, the source said that the operation occurred in close proximity to the offloading platform that belongs to the Jazan oil products terminal. The fire was put out following standard procedures and there were no injuries or fatalities.

The source also said that Saudi Arabia strongly condemns the cowardly attack, adding that such criminal acts directed against vital facilities do not target the Kingdom alone, but also the security of oil exports, the stability of energy supplies to the world, the freedom of international trade, and the entire global economy.

In addition, they have a negative impact on maritime navigation, and expose regional waters and coasts to potentially devastating ecological damage resulting from such acts of sabotage, the source added.


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