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Saudi: Bisha Launches Smart Robot Service System

Bisha Municipality has launched a smart robot service system “as part of its operational plan aimed at employing modern, digital, and artificial intelligence technologies in municipal work.”

Ali Aljilban, mayor of Bisha Municipality, said the technology is the first of its kind in the Kingdom.

The mobile robot system will provide a variety of interactive services such as welcoming clients, storing customer data and providing links to the municipal transactions system, according to Bisha Municipality.

The robot also receives feedback and requests, while inquiries can be made through it and addressed more efficiently.

“It comes within our priorities to enhance municipal and developmental work, serve beneficiaries, and improve the quality of life and practices through investing in modern technology and smart means,” Aljilban said.

The move underscores the municipality’s commitment to enhancement, utilizing technology in municipal activities in general, and addressing feedback, requests, and inquiries.

“The robot can provide a wide range of diverse services and municipal tasks for users, highlighting the municipality’s commitment to advancing further in leveraging technology to support and enhance municipal and developmental work in the province,” the mayor said.


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