Saudi: Houthi Missiles Intercepted Above Riyadh, Jazan

Image for representational purposes only -AFP
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The Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles launched by the Houthi militia in Yemen at 11:23 pm local time on Saturday toward civilian targets in the cities of Riyadh and Jazan.

Arab Coalition Spokesperson Colonel Al-Maliki said that the two ballistic missiles were launched toward the cities of Riyadh and Jazan, and that there were no deaths or injuries reported as a result of the attack.

Two civilians were slightly injured due to the falling of an intercepted Houthi ballistic missile’s debris as it exploded in mid-air over residential districts in Riyadh.

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Residents and citizens in the northern districts of Riyadh reported hearing three loud explosions around 11:20 pm local time.

The attacks come more than a day after the Arab Coalition had intercepted and destroyed drones launched by the Houthi militia targeting the Saudi Arabian cities of Abha and Khamis Mushait.


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