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Saudi Ministry warns against bogus Hajj operators, online accounts

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has warned the public against bogus online accounts and Hajj service providers who claim to provide Hajj services and packages at lower prices.

The ministry urged citizens and expatriates who wish to perform Hajj this year to apply and register only through the Eatmarna application via the link: /.

It stressed that citizens and residents should not be misled by the advertisements, which have no official status on social networking sites. The ministry urged the public to report immediately about any office, company or person claiming to offer permits to perform Hajj for the year 2022 outside the framework of the official portal.

The ministry confirmed that the electronic portal for domestic pilgrims is the only outlet to reserve the services of companies and establishments for authorized domestic pilgrims. Registration for Hajj through the Eatmarna app will continue until Dhul Qada 13 (June 12) and the results of the screening will be announced after the deadline.


Saudi Gazette

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