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Saudi: Mosques in Makkah Reopening on Sunday

On Sunday, 21st June, nearly 1,560 mosques in Makkah will reopen for worshippers starting from the Fajr prayer.

About 1,560 mosques, both small and large, are set to open their doors to receive worshipers starting at dawn prayers next Sunday, after a 90-day disruption, due to the precautionary and preventive measures to counter the outbreak of COVID-19.

The branch of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Makkah Province has prepared all mosques and large mosques, on condition that all the precautionary measures are implemented, such as single-use prayer rugs, the implementation of safe spacing between rows, as well as complying with the mandatory social distancing between worshipers.

The Executive Director of the Azizia District Center in Makkah, Ibrahim Melli, said that the initiative aims to prepare the mosques and large mosques of Makkah to receive worshipers and place spacing stickers, and contribute to educating worshipers on safety controls and conditions, during the resumption of congregational prayers in the mosques.



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