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Saudi: Museums Commission To Host Global Conference on Educational Innovation in Riyadh

The Museums Commission is set to organise a notable event, the “International Conference on Education and Innovation in Museums,” scheduled for June 3 in Riyadh.

This conference aims to gather a cadre of leading experts to discuss and disseminate emerging trends and advancements in the museum sector globally. Set against the backdrop of Riyadh’s vibrant cultural scene, the conference will address how museums can utilise modern technologies such as virtual and augmented reality to transform visitor experiences.

These discussions are crucial, as museums play an integral role in preserving tangible and intangible heritage, documenting historical and cultural narratives, and strengthening national identity. In addition to educational sessions, the conference will offer an integrated experiential journey through the realms of creativity and innovation in museums.

This hands-on approach will allow attendees to directly engage with and learn from the latest technological applications in the field. By hosting this conference, the Museums Commission not only aims to highlight Saudi Arabia’s cultural and historical heritage but also seeks to foster international collaborations, share best practices, and initiate global cooperative projects in museum studies.


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