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Saudi: SR4000 Fine for Trip Cancellation by Smart Taxi Drivers

Fines amounting to SR4000 will be slapped on smart taxi drivers in the event of trip cancellation after accepting the trip request from customers.

This punitive measure is one of the provisions in the amendments made in the regulations governing the activities of smart taxis, taxi brokers and guided vehicles linked to the Shomos Security System, under the National Information Center of the Ministry of Interior. It is mandatory on the part of smart taxi drivers to comply with the provisions of the new amendments when they operate trips in between cities or outside the Kingdom.

According to the amendments, it is permissible for smart taxi drivers to transfer the license from the city where they obtained it to another city after securing approval from the Transport General Authority (TGA).

The amendments stipulate that cars registered with the licensees are exempted from the requirements that they will be new ones and have not previously been registered inside or outside the Kingdom.

The new amendments indicate that fines amounting to SR5000 will be imposed on the providers of the approved technical system in the event of failure in supplying the data required by drivers. A fine of SR5000 will be slapped if they fail to continue linking to the technical systems.

There will be a fine of SR4000 if the driver is unable to see the departure and arrival locations specified in the trip before accepting or rejecting the request for the trip. This is aimed at reducing the phenomenon of canceling the trip on the part of the driver after accepting it due to his inability to reach the arrival location.


Saudi Gazette
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