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Saudi: Taif Becoming a Major Tourist Attraction in the Kingdom

Taif is fast becoming a major tourist hub in the Kingdom, with visitors arriving from around the world, including the Gulf, to enjoy its pristine environment and natural attractions during holiday celebrations.
The heavily forested region is home to spacious valleys and ample water courses. For the holidays, Taif hosted families who exchanged gifts and good wishes, while enjoying the tranquility, rural landscapes and fresh air.
This top-notch summer destination is characterized by a variety of geographical details and shapes, a unique diversity that will remain rooted in the memory of youngsters and their parents.
Taif’s diversity is supported by other attractive factors that suit the local inhabitants’ tastes. In fact, rich and vast places are at the disposal of inhabitants and their children to discharge their energy and feed their passion need to explore and go on adventures, as well as to encourage them to be more active and physically healthy.
Taif has been characterized by its heritage and fresh air that visitors seek to recharge their spirit. The city holds latent aesthetic aspects at the natural level, as well as at the level of unique architectural heritage in terms of tourism.


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