Saudi: Three Children Drown In Al-Qassim Torrent

The Civil Defense team in Al-Qassim recovered the bodies of three children who drowned in a valley in Al-Qassim. The mishap happened after their parent’s vehicle crossed the torrent in Wadi Abu Ramath in the region.

In a statement on its Twitter account, the Civil Defense stated that its teams in Al-Qassim carried out the search operation and recovered the bodies of the drowned children.

The Civil Defense called on the public to take utmost caution during rainy weather. It urged not to risk sitting in or crossing torrential streams, nor to approach water pools, and instead travel only along main roads and highways.

The Civil Defense also urged not to venture out to cross torrential streams and to ensure that children do not play around water and torrential areas. It also stressed not to swim in torrents, valleys and swamps during rain.

It is noteworthy that the Al-Qassim region recently witnessed heavy rains, which hit the entire region and town centres within the region.


Saudi Gazette
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