UAE: 3 Airport Workers Caught Stealing Cash, Jewellery Worth DH50,000 From Passenger’s Bag

Three workers at Dubai Airport stole money and jewellery from inside the passengers’ bags. A security officer caught one of them at the airport gate when he tried to sneak out with the stolen goods.

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted them and sentenced them to three months imprisonment. The convicts were also fined Dh50,000, equivalent to the loot’s value. The workers will be deported from the UAE after serving their prison term. The sentence was also upheld by the Court of Appeal.

According to the police investigation, the security officer at the airport detected a high concentration of minerals and currency in a cleaner’s bag while passing it through the staff inspection device. He searched the cleaner’s bag (the first accused) and found two pieces of jewellery, a ring, a golden necklace, and money.

The accused admitted that he had agreed with the other defendants, two of his colleagues who worked inside the airport, to help them smuggle out what they were stealing, provided that the money would be divided among them.

The first defendant continued agreeing with the others to leave what they stole in a specific place inside the toilet. He would later take them out of the airport and sell them in the market. The money would later be divided among them. After the investigation, the other two defendants were arrested, and they confessed to their crimes.


Khaleej Times
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