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Saudi: Three die as car skids from mountaintop in Taif

Three people were killed as their car skidded and fell from the mountaintop of Hada in Taif on Monday. The Civil Defense sources said that there was thick fog that obstructed vision at the location and that caused the vehicle to fall into the gorge.

The Civil Defense in the Taif governorate received information that a Mazda car, with three people inside, fell from a mountain view in Al-Hada. The Civil Defense teams rushed to the scene and started a massive search to find out the car and passengers. During the search, they retrieved the three dead bodies from different sites. The third body was found on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, the authorities have reopened the Hada road that was closed from both directions during the past few days due to the inclement weather and rain, causing a lack of visibility.


Saudi Gazette
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