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Saudi to consider students exempted from COVID-19 vaccine as ‘immune’

The Public Health Authority (Weqaya) noted that students exempted from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine would be considered as immunized students who have completed doses.

The authority confirmed that measuring temperatures in educational facilities has been canceled in the new update of the guideline for the schools attendance in September.

The use of barriers on students’ tables has been removed in the new guide, with the necessity of sterilizing school facilities without a specific number, after it was sterilized twice daily.

School buses can now fully utilize the capacity at 100% after the new update.

The authority stressed the importance of the students on continuing to fully adhere to the precautionary measures.

The Ministry of Health announced that medical exceptions will be based on medical reports, and will only applicable for those who have been clinically proven to be hypersensitive to COVID-19 vaccines or one of the components of the vaccine.

The Ministry urged to send medical reports and requests for exemption to the e-mail:


Saudi Gazette

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