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Sudan: Armed Groups Storm Saudi and Bahraini Embassies

Armed groups stormed the embassies of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in Sudan on Wednesday as the fighting between the country’s warring sides intensified.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement condemning “the sabotage and violence carried out by some armed groups” on the embassy in Sudan as well its ambassador and embassy staff.

It called for “confronting these groups that are trying to undermine [the] security and stability [of] Sudan and its people”.

Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry said its embassy and the ambassador’s residence were attacked and vandalised, leaving the building damaged.

The ministry emphasised “the need to stop acts of violence and vandalism in Sudan and to provide the full protection for the headquarters of diplomatic missions and civilian facilities”.

All parties to the conflict must “give priority to national interests and must respond seriously to the Saudi-US initiative” to stop the war, it said.

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