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The Rig in Saudi Arabia to Feature 3 Hotels, Theme Park, 11 Restaurants, Dive Centre and Theatre in Massive Entertainment Centre

Plans for a massive oil rig-themed tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia have been announced.

The Oil Park Development Company (OPDC), a closed joint stock company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), and developer of The Rig have unveiled the ambitious vision for adventure tourism in the Kingdom.

The Rig is part of PIF’s strategy and objectives laid down in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, seeking to drive tourism sector growth, create employment opportunities for local talent, attract investment, and diversify the economy.

The Rig in Saudi Arabia

The Rig CEO Raed Bakhrji said that the hospitality and adventure experience will span a gross floor area of more than 300,000 sq m, located 40km from the coastline, near Al Juraid Island and Berri Oil Field in the Arabian Gulf.

He said: “The Rig is expected to attract over 900,000 annual visitors by 2032, appealing to a wide range of domestic, regional, and international audiences, including adrenaline seekers, explorers, balanced holiday makers, and relaxation seekers”.

According to Bakhrji, the range of hospitality, leisure, entertainment, and accommodation options provided by The Rig includes:

  • Three hotels, with a total of 800 rooms
  • 11 restaurants
  • An extreme sports and adventure park
  • A world-class marina
  • Helipads

The Rig will feature a wide variety of water activities, including a diving centre, an amusement park, a splash park, an E-sports centre, an immersive theatre and a multi-purpose arena.

He said that The Rig takes inspiration from offshore oil platforms, thus celebrating Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas legacy, and “creating an exceptional and unique experience” that makes it “a must-visit destination”.

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