UAE: Indian Actress Arrested on Drug Charges Cleared, Says Lawyer

The Indian actress who was detained at Sharjah Airport in an alleged drug possession case has been cleared by the court, according to her lawyer, Mohammed Al Redha, Lawyer and Legal Consultant at Al Redha and Company. Speaking to sources, Redha said, “She was cleared of all charges on June 12,” reaffirming her innocence which they had maintained from the beginning.

According to her lawyer, the 27-year-old was framed by two men who ‘deceived’ her with false promises of an audition and a role in a Hollywood web series. It was reported that she travelled to the UAE under the impression of bagging an acting gig.

The two men tricked the actress into carrying a trophy with her to Sharjah, which had drugs concealed inside the metal piece. On April 1, when the woman landed at Sharjah Airport from Mumbai, she was apprehended by the authorities for possession of drugs. The public prosecutor detained the actress for over 20 days, and her passport was confiscated. She was later released on conditional bail and lived with her uncle here in the Emirates.

Al Redha said that the public prosecutor, after a thorough investigation, found the actress’ version to be true. “They found the circumstances under which she was framed to be true. She did carry marijuana to the UAE; however, she did not have any knowledge about it, nor were her intentions bad, and the two men tricked her. They checked all the cameras at the airport, which matched her story,” said Al Redha.

“From passing through the immigration gate, exiting the airport to returning to immigration officers after being suspicious, everything was proved right, and that she was given marijuana without her knowledge,” added the lawyer.

When she was taken into custody, investigators collected her urine sample for a test, and the laboratory reports confirmed no traces of drug consumption.

Al Redha mentioned that the actress’ travel ban has been lifted, and soon her name will be withdrawn from the blacklist, which denies entry and exit from the country. “We have requested the return of her passport and are expecting it tomorrow, June 14,” said Al Redha.

“Once she receives her passport, she will be free to travel,” added Al Redha.


Khaleej Times
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