UAE: Man Passes Out At Gym After Flexing Too Hard

This fainting fiasco wasn’t exactly a flex. A gym junkie has been left with a broken nose and a shattered sense of pride after passing out while flexing in front of a mirror.

Newas Sharif, 27, was caught on camera tensing his bulging biceps inside a fitness facility in the United Arab Emirates earlier this month.

In the clip — which was posted to TikTok and quickly went viral — the muscle-bound bro is seen staring at himself approvingly in the mirror before he suddenly falls forward, smashing his face against the glass and falling to the floor.

“I basically passed out because I didn’t rest after my set, so my heart rate was high,” the vain and veiny fitness fanatic told NeedToKnow.Online. “I was posing right after my set, as I was pumped and when I held my breath, I passed out,” he further explained.

Sharif’s friend, who was recording at the time, initially believed the gym rat had played a prank on him and had only pretended to pass out.

“My friend found it funny for a second because he thought I was acting and making some funny content,” he explained. “People in the gym know I make funny content a lot, so no one came to help until they saw blood from my nose, and I was on the floor.”

Sharif sought medical attention and subsequently shared a selfie of his shattered schnoz with a bandage across it. He informed his TikTok followers that his nose had indeed been broken by the mirror.

The TikTok video — which has clocked more than 5 million views — humoured many viewers, who claimed the fainting spell served to bring a self-obsessed Sharif back down to earth.

However, the fainting spell hasn’t deterred Sharif from showing off his buff form. The health nut is back in the gym and is sharing new videos of himself pumping iron and flaunting his fit physique for his followers.


New York Post

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