UAE: Stem Cell Treatment Doesn’t Cure COVID-19 But Fights Symptoms

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An Abu Dhabi doctor said the new stem cell treatment against COVID-19 “doesn’t provide an entire cure,” but helps patients overcome its symptoms, local daily Khaleej Times reported.

“It’s a national achievement. This treatment is supportive and doesn’t provide an entire cure. It helps patients overcome the symptoms caused by the virus but doesn’t kill it,” Dr. Fatima Al-Kaabi, Head Hematology and Oncology at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, said.

Al-Kaabi, who was part of the 28-man team that came up with the treatment, added clinical trials are ongoing.

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The treatment works by extracting stem cells from a patient’s blood and reintroducing it in an “activated” state to the lungs through a fine mist.

It was first used on a patient early last month, and has so far helped 73 coronavirus patients.


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