UAE to Issue NOCs in Humanitarian Cases for Returning Indians

UAE will issue a no-objection letter for the return of residents stuck in India in some humanitarian cases that meet all conditions and requirements, the UAE Embassy in New Delhi announced on Tuesday.

In a series of tweets, the mission gave an update for the thousands of Indian residents who have been stuck back home during the COVID-19 and waiting to return to their families and workplaces.

“The @UAEembassyIndia would like to draw the attention of the valid UAE residence permit holders currently present in India, to the necessity of obtaining necessary approval from the @ICAUAE while ensuring that all conditions set by the UAE competent authorities are observed,” the missions said in its first tweet.

It further added: “Please note that UAE will issue no objection letter to travel in some humanitarian cases only that meet all conditions and requirements.”

The embassy also affirmed its commitment to the decisions of the Indian authorities regarding the continued closure of airports in India and implementation of some restrictions that do not allow foreign airlines to carry passengers.

The tweets from the mission come in the wake of reports from India that said UAE residents stuck in India needed added layers of approvals from the UAE Embassy in New Delhi and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the UAE.

The mission’s tweets reaffirm that there are no such conditions set for Indians wishing to return to the UAE.

With India extending the resumption of international flight services till July 31 and not allowing foreign carriers to fly passengers as well as the UAE barring Vande Bharat repatriation flights from flying residents stuck in India, the stranded residents are now pinning hopes on special flights that will be operated with consensus from both the countries.

Some have also opted to charter small business jets to fly back to the UAE.


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