US: White House Wants To Block Sunlight To Save Planet From ‘Global Warming’

Despite the European Commission’s recent warning that large-scale interventions such as solar engineering to reverse ‘climate change’ could have “unintended consequences,” the White House published a new report Friday indicating that the Biden administration wants to manipulate planetary systems to block the sunlight to save the planet. 

The congressionally mandated report released by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy shows the Biden administration is very eager to explore “geoengineering” methods to block sunlight because they allege the planet is burning and there’s an imminent climate crisis that will destroy the world. 

“A program of research into the scientific and societal implications of solar radiation modification (SRM) would enable better-informed decisions about the potential risks and benefits of SRM as a component of climate policy, alongside the foundational elements of greenhouse gas emissions mitigation and adaptation,” the White House report said. 

The report continued, “SRM offers the possibility of cooling the planet significantly on a timescale of a few years.” 

In a statement, the White House said, “There are no plans underway to establish a comprehensive research program focused on solar radiation modification.” There is no official government policy that was attached to the report. The administration noted Congress ordered the report. 

The report was released one day after the European Commission outlined the potential risks and “unintended consequences” of manipulating planetary systems to fight global warming. 

The commission warned:

In the context of accelerated global warming, deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems (referred to as “geoengineering”), such as solar radiation modification, is attracting more attention. However, the risks, impacts and unintended consequences that these technologies pose are poorly understood, and necessary rules, procedures and institutions have not been developed. 

Some of these risks include:

These technologies introduce new risks to people and ecosystems, while they could also increase power imbalances between nations, spark conflicts and raises a myriad of ethical, legal, governance and political issues. 

Blocking the sun’s rays globally with artificial particles in the name of ‘climate change’ is gaining traction. However, there’s too much risk involved that could possibly harm biodiversity and agriculture on a global scale. The fact that this technology could alter global weather patterns and the Biden administration wants to explore it — is frightening. 

… and Mr Burns from the animated television series The Simpsons tried this.


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