Biden Admin Opposes Provision Requiring Military Promotions Only Be On Merit (Not Gender, Or Race)

The Biden administration has issued a statement outlining its opposition to a provision within the latest military spending bill that would require promotions within the military to be based only on merit, rather than on completely unrelated aspects such as gender and race. The statement from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reads “The Administration strongly opposes the House’s sweeping attempts (sections 364, 523, 566, 595, 596, 598, 904, and 1046) to eliminate the Department’s longstanding DEIA efforts and related initiatives to promote a cohesive and inclusive force.”

“As articulated in the 2022 NDS, one of the Department’s top priorities is building a resilient Joint Force and defence enterprise,” it adds, which means filling the military with LGBTQ+ people like ‘Admiral’ Rachel Levine and Major Rachel Jones.

The statement continues, “DoD’s strategic advantage in a complex global security environment is the diverse and dynamic talent pool from which we draw. We rely on diverse perspectives, experiences, and skillsets to remain a global leader, deter war, and keep our nation secure. ”It then argues that only promoting people based on merit will somehow diminish the DoD’s ability to maintain “a dignified, respectful, and safe workplace.”

“Legislation that reduces DoD’s ability to create a positive work environment and fully leverage the best our nation has to offer puts the Department at a strategic disadvantage,” the statement claims. Surely promoting the people who are best at their jobs and the most professional within the military makes the nation more secure? No?

GOP Rep. Jim Banks is behind the push to eliminate the DEI madness from the military, noting that he also added a provision to defund the Navy’s ‘Drag Queen program’.

Rep. Banks also added a provision into the spending bill that would see unvaccinated service members reinstated, and guess what… the Biden administration also opposes that.

As we have previously highlighted, the Biden administration is OBSESSED with pushing the DEI agenda in every department of government to the point where they are hiring mentally ill people just because they are transgender or LGBTQ+.


Zero Hedge
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