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Watch: Bahraini Youth on a 5-Day Trek From Manama to Riyadh to Celebrate Saudi Foundation Day

A group of enthusiastic young Bahrainis embarked on a journey from Manama to Riyadh on foot to join the celebrations of Saudi Foundation Day.

A video making rounds on social media captures these young individuals as they traverse the King Fahd Causeway to mark their participation in the festivities.

“We run from Bahrain to Riyadh to participate in Foundation Day,” said one of the participants in the video, noting their five-day journey to reach the Saudi capital.

In support of this extraordinary feat, activist Abdul Rahman Al Mutairi, along with the young participants, was featured in social media updates, extending a warm welcome to the people of Bahrain.

Al Mutairi highlighted the presence of ambulances, ensuring the safety and well-being of the participants throughout their journey.

To commemorate Saudi Foundation Day, the Saudi Ministry of Culture has organised a series of cultural and historical events across several cities from February 21 to 26.

These celebrations aim to honour the founding of the Saudi state by Imam Mohammad bin Saud in 1727 AD, a momentous event that laid the groundwork for a nation characterised by unity, stability and prosperity.

Among the highlighted events are “Foundation Nights” and the “Beginning Symphony” scheduled for February 25 and 26 at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater in Boulevard City, alongside the “Foundation Village” taking place from February 22 to 24 in 14 cities and governorates.


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