Watch Video: Child Dies As Oman Floodwaters Trap Motorists And Students, Emergency Services On High Alert

The body of a child was recovered in Wadi Al Batha in the Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi, North Al Sharqiyah Governorate of Oman, with heavy rains lashing several parts of the sultanate on Sunday, according to the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

The North Al Sharqiyah Governorate witnessed very heavy rains that led to the overflowing valleys and reefs, causing severe losses to property. Floodwaters entered the Rawdha School for Basic Education, but there was no damage, according to the General Directorate of Education in North Al Sharqiyah Governorate.

Heavy rainfall and severe flooding have disrupted life across Oman, with emergency teams rescuing residents and students trapped in floodwaters.

The Royal Oman Police has been responding to reports of people trapped in vehicles and buildings due to rising waters, it said.

Incidents include individuals stuck inside a vehicle in Wadi Al Shibbak in Izki, students in a school bus caught in a wadi on Kidd Road in Bahla, and a family of seven trapped in their home in Izki.

All the students from the stranded bus have been rescued with no injuries reported. However, the continuing adverse weather, characterized by thunderstorm cells and potential hail, poses risks.

The heavy rainfall began on Sunday morning as the nation returned to work after a five-day Eid Al Fitr break, leading to significant disruptions.

Widespread rain, with flowing wadis and even hailstones have been reported in some areas, particularly Al Mudhaibi due to the low-pressure system currently affecting Oman.

The National Committee for Emergency Management (NCEM) has been closely monitoring the situation and has activated the National Emergency Situations Management to coordinate response efforts.

They are working alongside the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) to manage the emergency effectively.

The Oman Meteorology Department has forecast continuous thunder showers across several governorates, raising concerns about potential flash floods in wadis and low-lying areas.

Residents and visitors are urged to adhere strictly to safety instructions and stay updated through official communications to navigate this challenging period safely.

According to the Oman News Agency (ONA), private higher education institutions and vocational colleges are instructed to conduct studies remotely on Monday; thereafter, institutions can determine whether to resume regular schooling.


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