42 Motorists Jump Red Light Every Hour in Kuwait

Kuwaiti security sources reported a staggering number of motorists committing grave traffic violations daily, indicating a pressing road safety issue in the country.

According to media reports, approximately 42 motorists cross the red light every hour, about 1,000 individuals daily, who endanger not only their own lives but also those of fellow motorists, often resulting in fatal accidents.

From the beginning of this year until the end of August, the number of red light jumping violations has surged to about 240,000. Statistics show that men constitute about 65 per cent of these violations, followed by women who account for approximately 26 per cent, and companies being responsible for around 9 per cent of the registered violations.

A traffic official disclosed that 2.6 million violations were recorded in Kuwait over the last eight months.

In response to this alarming trend, Sheikh Talal Al Khaled, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, has issued instructions to not show leniency towards individuals committing these serious violations that jeopardize lives.

The government is committed to implementing the harshest penalties against violators in a bid to curb this dangerous behaviour and enhance road safety in Kuwait.

The recent data serves as a stern reminder of the importance of responsible driving to prevent tragedies and maintain public safety.

Foreigners make up nearly 3.4 million of Kuwait’s overall population of 4.6 million.

Expatriates are now required to pay their outstanding traffic fines as well as communication bills before leaving Kuwait.


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