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Saudi: Public Prosecution warns of detention of speeding motorists

The Public Prosecution warned speeding motorists that violation of speed limits would lead to their arrest and criminal procedures. It stated that traffic violations that endanger public safety would warrant criminal accountability against the offenders.

The violations include exceeding the speed by more than 30 km/hour on the highway with an allowed speed limit of 140 km/h, as well as exceeding speed by more than 50 km/h on the road with a speed limit of 120 km/h or less.

The Public Prosecution affirmed that traffic safety enjoys strict penal protection, which imposes on the driver of the vehicle accountability towards their behaviors and practices related to speeding.

It is noteworthy that Public Security Agency has set 140 speed limit to eight highways across the Kingdom since Feb. 19, 2018. According to the traffic regulations, light-motor vehicles can travel at a maximum speed of 140 km/h while buses at 100 km/h and trucks at 80 km/h.

The agency urged drivers to abide by the speed limit and exercise all forms of caution when driving on highways, especially in bad weather. It called upon drivers to protect their safety and that of road users.


Saudi Gazette

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