Asian Drug Smuggler Sentenced To Life In Prison

The High Appeals Court has upheld a life sentence for an Asian man who attempted to smuggle 117 heroin capsules into Bahrain by concealing them inside his body.

The man arrived at Bahrain International Airport from Pakistan and was apprehended by customs officials before he could enter the country.

Upon his arrival, the first witness, a customs officer, became suspicious of the man and conducted a search, finding nothing illegal. When questioned about any prohibited items, the man denied possession.

However, the customs officer ordered him to be taken to the X-ray room. The scan revealed suspicious circular shapes inside his abdomen, leading to his transfer to the Drug Control Administration office.


During questioning, the man confessed to swallowing capsules containing narcotics, intending to smuggle them into Bahrain for a payment of 500,000 rupees. He was then taken to Salmaniya Medical Complex, where he expelled the capsules under observation.

The total number of capsules recovered exceeded 100. Investigations by the competent authorities revealed that the man was part of a network smuggling narcotics into Bahrain for the purpose of trafficking.

His role was to transport the drugs within his body by swallowing them. Laboratory tests confirmed that the capsules contained heroin and methamphetamine.

Additionally, a urine sample tested positive for cannabis and diazepam. The court found the man guilty of drug smuggling and sentenced him to life imprisonment.


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