Bahrain: 11 family members injured after house fire in Sanabis

Eleven members of a family in Sanabis suffered smoke inhalation injuries and were rushed to nearby hospitals after a fire gutted their house in Sanabis Thursday evening. First responders said one person was trapped in the house following the fire but was brought out safely by Civil Defence Force officers.

Firefighters said they reached the scene soon after receiving an alert. Three fire tenders, police and several firefighters rushed to the scene and battled the fierce flames that engulfed the home. The conditions of the people who are in hospitals are not known. Residents nearby told The Dialy Tribune they saw thick smoke billowing through multiple windows as people ran down the street for safety.

Traffic in the vicinity was interrupted after closing the street in both directions. Witnesses said Civil Defence Forces managed to bring the fire under control quickly. Firefighters also conducted cooling measures to prevent the blaze from spreading to nearby buildings.

National Ambulance crew members gave first aid to some of the people who suffered injuries on the spot and transported others to hospitals. Unconfirmed reports said the house belongs to one of the men who got convicted with two others for a bomb attack that killed three police officers, including one officer from the United Arab Emirates, in 2014. The General Directorate of Civil Defence said that an investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the fire.


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