Bahrain: 34 held for violating home quarantine rules

The Lower Criminal Court in Bahrain issued verdicts against 34 defendants for violating home quarantine imposed on them to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

It ruled they pay fines ranging from BD 1000 and BD 3000 and the deportation of three foreign defendants. It also imposed a fine of BD 5000 on another defendant for transgressing a ministerial decision on resumption of some private establishments.

The Public Health Directorate notified the Public Prosecution that 34 defendants had violated home confinement imposed on them as a preemptive measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Police investigation and the electronic monitoring system showed that they did not adhere to the quarantine imposed on them and left their homes during the preventive self-confinement period. A touristic restaurant and coffee shop also infringed the health regulations by not checking the customers’ temperature and receiving them without prior booking.

The Public Prosecution launched an investigation immediately after receiving the notifications and referred the defendants to the court for criminal trial.


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