Bahrain High Court Rejects Housing Ministry Case To Force Citizen To Leave Housing Unit

The High Administrative Court has rejected the case of the Ministry of Housing which was filed against a Bahraini citizen to force him to leave the housing unit he received due to the fact that he spent more than six months outside the country.

As per the case records, the Ministry’s employees, and during normal inspections, found that neither the beneficiary nor his family were living in the apartment he received from the Ministry of Housing as part of the schemes tailored for Bahraini citizens. Further investigations uncovered that he wasn’t living in the country so they initiated procedures to force him to vacate the apartment.

However, he provided sufficient evidence to the court that he got stuck in a foreign country after the coronavirus outbreak. “Our inspector visited the apartment and found nobody was there, and a notification in this regard was sent to the Bahraini citizen. The inspector paid another visit to the apartment, and nobody was there either,” the Ministry’s lawyer said in the closing argument. Nevertheless, the Court sided with the defendant in this case, ruling in his favour.


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