Bahrain: Job Seekers Warned About Bogus Job Recruitments With Increase in Online Scams

Social media users have urged authorities to look into job portals as the Kingdom is struggling to tackle a rise in online recruitment scams offering positions that never materialise. The method of recruiting people to work has shifted from using agents to approach job seekers to now using online advertising via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.

In many cases, job seekers are tricked into sending a “processing fee” to agents promising well-paid jobs in the Kingdom. These end up being money scams where the so-called recruiters don’t show up at the airport and block the job seekers on social media. The matter of the plea arose after allegedly fake advertisements began surfacing on many job portals, including prominent ones, seeking prospective employees only belonging to a particular religion.

This issue has sparked an uproar across all social media platforms with the majority of social media users criticising the companies for posting such a prerequisite before shortlisting ideal candidates. Many other users called for strict action against the job portals for posting advertisements to prevent them from sharing fake advertisements.


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