Bahrain: LuLu serves up ‘Italian Cuisine Week’

Lulu Hypermarket, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy and the Italian Trade Agency and Trade Promotion Section of the embassy, has announced an exciting gourmet Italian Cuisine Week which began on Wednesday and continues until 01 December 2020 at LuLu Hypermarket Dana Mall.

With Italian food trending worldwide, it is a great opportunity to explore a wide range of new products, favourite classics and time-tested popular brands of foods.

There will be a 30 per cent discount promotion on all Italian products during the festival.

For expert home chefs, LuLu has announced a cookery contest with an e-twist: Master chefs, as well as little chefs (children between ages 6 and 10), can record their cookery experiment of pasta, pizza or anything Italian and post it on their Facebook & Instagram profile with the hashtag #ItalianCuisineHomeChefs for adults and #ItalianCuisineLittle- HomeChefs for kids (6-10 years).

Contestants and fans of Italian food can also tag Lulu on Instagram – @luluhyperbh, Facebook – @luluhypermarket to win an amazing prize. Shoppers will be treated to a wide range of authentic Italian products – canned vegetables, pasta, rice, cheeses and dairy products, biscuits, coffee, olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables, chocolate, sauces, spices, and condiments. There will be dedicated areas in the hypermarket where the new Italian products might be exhibited, tasted, and sold.

Giosafat Riganò, Trade Commissioner for the Italian Trade Agency, said: “The V week of Italian cuisine will involve more than 100 countries around the world from 23rd to 29th of November 2020. The promotion aims to draw the attention of the press and consumers to the concept of the Mediterranean diet, which is marking the 10th anniversary since UNESCO proclaimed the Mediterranean diet an intangible heritage of mankind. Today our initiative intends to promote those restaurants and chefs who every day contribute to spreading Italian cuisine in the world, therefore Italian restaurants already well known in Manama that daily promote the consumption and knowledge of Italian cuisine in Bahrain through a combination of ingredients, products, recipes, and knowledge that start from afar to arrive today also on our tables.

Exactly, like 200 years ago, the well-known Italian gastronomist Pellegrino Artusi taught the world with his famous book of over 800 recipes “Science in the kitchen and the Art of eating well”.


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