Bahrain Oil Company’s Engineer Leaks Stock bc Level Information to Private Supplier

Managing a windfall by leaking illegally obtained inside information on the company’s stock levels to a private supplier has landed an oil company engineer in the dock.

The engineer discovered that he could use his position to gain access to confidential information about the company’s stock levels, which he could share with a company he had set up in direct competition with other suppliers and maintenance providers.

Armed with this inside information, the engineer was able to manipulate the company’s maintenance schedule to give his own company an advantage. Investigators found that the suspect was delaying maintenance work until his own company had acquired the necessary supplies to complete the job.

This went on for four years, during which time the engineer managed to launder an astonishing half a million Bahrain dinars. The engineer was brought before the High Criminal Court, accused of unlawfully disclosing stock status information and delaying maintenance work for personal gain.

The court heard how the engineer had used his position of authority to access the company’s warehouse and pass on confidential information to his own company. He had set up the company solely for this purpose and had gone to great lengths to cover his tracks. Investigators had been monitoring his activities for some time and had built up a comprehensive case against him.



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