Bahrain: Public Thinks Rent Is Unreasonably High

Government Subsidies to be distributed from February.
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62% believed that the current residential and commercial real estate rents are unreasonably high, showed a survey conducted by the Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies (DERASAT).

The survey, conducted on 600, indicated that 75% of them did not notice an increase in the monthly rent, while 25% noticed this increase. They stated that the rate of increase ranged between 1% and 20%.

About the reason for high rates of rentals, 26% of the respondents considered that the reason was due to the high cost of living and taxes, while 21% of them indicated that it was due to real estate owners’ greed to increase their profit.

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83% of the tenants indicated that the rental amount does not include the cost of consuming electricity and water, compared to 17% whose rent includes this cost, while 66% of the study sample indicated that they observed a real increase in the electricity and water bill.


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