Bahrain: Trio arrested for pushing man off three-storey building

The High Criminal Court announced it will issue its verdict on May 31 in the case of three men accused of throwing another man from a three-storey building.

The trio was arrested after police officers received a complaint about a man who was pushed off a high property. The victim suffered severe injuries, but he survived the incident.

The defendants, aged 23, 30 and 36, were said to have attacked the defendant owing to a domestic dispute, as one of them was the brother of the victim and he reportedly incited his co-accomplices to assault him because they were having personal problems.

The victim was with another man at the time of the attack and he told police officers that the trio broke into his (the victim) apartment before attacking him and chased him all the way to the third floor.

“We consumed alcohol until we got drunk,” the other man said. “We were asleep and suddenly three people barged into the apartment.

“They assaulted my friend using planks and he tried to run away. He went to the third floor and they caught him there. Then they pushed him off the top of the building.”

The defendants have been charged with attempted murder.


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