Bahraini Retiree Faces 3 Years Jail Time for Assaulting Cop

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The First High Criminal Court recently jailed a Bahraini man for three years after convicting him of assaulting an on-duty law enforcement employee while resisting arrest.

The details of the case showed that the incident took place on December 25 last year, when a police patrol approached the defendant, who is a retiree, in East Riffa area. The man was wanted for his involvement in another criminal case.

According to court files, the victim (a sergeant), met the defendant, identified himself and requested him to come with him to the police station while other policemen were present.

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However, the defendant rejected and “violently” resisted arrest for around 10 minutes, as mentioned in eyewitness-testimonies. Witnesses also informed that the resisting man was threatening the sergeant that he would hurt him if he, the sergeant, doesn’t let him go.

With assistance from the other policemen, the man was eventually controlled, handcuffed and taken to the police station inside a patrol vehicle.

A medical report was presented to the judges proving that the sergeant suffered multiple injuries on his right arm because of the defendant’s fierce resistance to arrest

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