Bahrain: Expat arrested for killing his friend in Salmaniya

An expat man who killed a friend with a sharp object in Salmaniya on Monday was arrested less than an hour after police received a report of the incident, the Ministry of Interior announced last night.

The ministry said that Capital Governorate police were able to detain the killer, aged 24, who murdered the other man, aged 23, who was of the same nationality.

The governorate’s police director-general explained that as soon as they received a report of the existence of a deceased person lying on the ground near one of the buildings, police officers were deployed to the site accompanied by other authorities to conduct an inspection and raise evidence.

The identity of the perpetrator was determined, which led to his immediate arrest.

It later became clear that he was a friend of the victim and that a personal dispute led to a quarrel, which ended with the killing.

The director-general indicated that the necessary legal measures have been taken, and the case has been referred to the Public Prosecution.


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