Brain Battle: Elon Musk Open to “Cage Match Debate” With Mark Zuckerberg

Earlier this week, Chris Anderson, host of TED Talks, suggested that a ‘cage match-style debate’ might be a more fitting showdown for Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg than an actual mixed martial arts fight.

Musk is in luck after proposing a mixed martial arts cage fight against Zuckerberg on Sunday. However, on Monday, Musk found a way to potentially postpone the fight that would’ve been live-streamed on “X,” formerly known as Twitter, by saying: “Exact date is still in flux. I’m getting an MRI of my neck & upper back tomorrow. May require surgery before the fight can happen. Will know this week.”

Musk told Anderson on Tuesday that a cage match-style debate “sounds like a good idea too.” He added, “This is really fighting as (I believe) a noble sport. We also hope, with humility, to express our admiration for those who have fought before for noble causes.”

In June, Musk’s mother said the best way for her son to fight Zuckerberg is “with words only.”

However, the internet still wants a Musk v. Zuckerberg cage match.



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