Coronavirus in Bahrain: Public Urged to Stop Spreading Rumours

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There is no spread of COVID-19 among expatriate workers as it is being circulated,” announced the Ministry of Health through its official website and social media accounts.

The ministry stressed the need and urged all to stop spreading rumors and to extract information from official sources.

The ministry explained that the 47 workers were transferred to a place designated for them in the isolation and treatment center in Sitra. It added that the workers were under precautionary quarantine in their residence according to coordination with the company’s management in Salmabad and did not leave the precautionary quarantine headquarters in their residence throughout the quarantine period.

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The ministry affirmed that all precautionary and preventive measures were taken for all those involved in these cases and laboratory tests were carried out to ensure their safety and put them under observation, and it was decided to extend their stay in the precautionary quarantine for a period of two weeks according to the preventive measures followed.



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