COVID-19: Senior Bahraini infects 13 children, grandchildren

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An 85-year-old Bahraini man has infected his 13 children and grandchildren with COVID-19, Bahraini media reported.

The system for tracking the impact of contacts, published by the Bahraini Ministry of Health on its official page on Thursday, revealed that 13 infections were detected in one family.

The ministry indicated that the infection scenario began when it confirmed that the senior citizen had shown symptoms of the coronavirus and tested positive for the highly contagious strain. On examining those in contact with the grandfather, it was found that the children and grandchildren from three different houses were infected.

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Each person infected with the COVID-19 is thought to pass it on to an average of 2-3 other people in the early stages of an outbreak.

There are currently 47 COVID-19 cases in a critical condition, and 82 cases receiving treatment. 4,114 cases are stable out of a total of 4,161 active cases.


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