Global Shisha Market To Hit $22 Billion by 2026

New research reveals a significant decline in cigarette smoking and a substantial surge in shisha users over the past 12 months in the USA, Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iraq.

The data from AIR Global’s latest research in these markets has found cigarette smoking has decreased by a fifth (21 percent), signalling a shift in preferences towards alternative options.

This decline aligns seamlessly with an increasing interest in shisha.

  • An average of 18.5 percent of new users in 2023 will contribute to the growth in the number of shisha users, which has now reached 20.8 million.
  • This surge is predicted to drive the industry towards 24.6 million shisha users in 2024, an increase of 18.27 per cent, and 32.3 million shisha users by 2026, reflecting an increase of 55.28 percent.
  • The global shisha market, currently valued at $19 billion, is projected to expand to $22 billion per cent by 2026

This surge in demand for shisha is fuelled by a growing appetite for more innovative and cleaner products.


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