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High Commercial Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Shipping Company

The High Commercial Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a cosmetics company against a shipping company, seeking compensation of BD5,600 for a shipment that did not reach its destination in a GCC country and was not returned by the shipping company.

The court found that the plaintiff company failed to provide the necessary certificates of approval from both countries to clear the shipment and complete its procedures.

The cosmetics company and its owner had filed the lawsuit, demanding that the defendant shipping company pay them BD5,680.

They claimed that the shipping company had agreed to ship and transport their goods from the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and deliver them to their customers there.

However, the company allegedly failed to fulfill its contractual obligations by delivering all the goods or returning the undelivered goods, and therefore, it was obligated to return their value to the plaintiffs.

The court contacted the Customs Affairs Department, which confirmed that the shipment belonging to the second plaintiff had been exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but was rejected upon export and re-imported with a request for prior authorisation in the “Afaq” system.


As a result, the defendant contacted the customer to provide documents to obtain approval from the registration authority, but the documents were not provided, and the shipment was included among the goods left for destruction after more than three months.


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