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No Bahrainization, No Contracts, Government Tells Companies

The Bahraini government has reaffirmed its commitment to creating decent job opportunities for its citizens in the private sector through the “Bahrainization” policy.

This policy aims to increase the percentage of Bahraini nationals employed in various sectors by setting specific “Bahrainization” ratios for each sector.

“This measure underscores the government’s determination to prioritise the employment of Bahraini citizens,” the memorandum stressed.

Job openings

The memorandum also highlights the government’s efforts to implement projects, initiatives, and incentives in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and the Labour Fund “Tamkeen” to encourage employers to prioritize Bahrainis for job openings.

“Creating an attractive investment environment goes handin-hand with employing Bahraini workers,” the memorandum stated, adding that: “This necessitates diligent efforts to empower Bahraini workers through training and qualification, making them the preferred choice for employers.”

Furthermore, the government emphasised in the memorandum its commitment to making Bahraini workers more cost-effective for employers by offering wage support programmes.

These programmes provide employers with subsidies of up to 70% of the wages for the first year, 50% for the second year, and 30% for the third year for all Bahraini employees, regardless of their qualifications.

Fees Furthermore, the government has implemented fees on the employment of foreign workers, with 80% of the revenue generated directed towards “Tamkeen.”

This fund is used to support the training and development of Bahraini workers and create job opportunities for them in the private sector.

“By implementing these measures, the government aims to achieve a balance between attracting foreign investment and ensuring that its citizens have access to decent job opportunities in the private sector,” the memorandum concluded.


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