Air India Express makes changes to hand baggage rules

Air India Express, the National Carrier of India, recently announced a change to it’s hand baggage rule.

According to the announcement, passengers are not allowed to carry more than one piece of handbag. The hand baggage dimension has been limited to 115cms in length, breadth and height.

The handbag rule excludes a few items that are listed below. These shall also be subjected to prescribed security checks:

  • lady’s handbag
  • overcoat or wrap
  • rug or blanket
  • camera or a pair of binoculars
  • reasonable amount of reading material for the flight
  • umbrella or walking stick
  • infant’s feed, and infant’s carrying basket provided that infant is carried
  • collapsible wheelchair and/or pair of crutches
  • laptop bag with laptop

It has further been announced that as and when the security situation warrants the necessity, the size of the hand baggage, keeping in view the threat perception, shall be reduced.


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