Kuwait Considers Total Lockdown of Expat Areas

Kuwait has threatened to place expat areas under total lockdown after reporting 77 new cases of coronavirus – 74 of whom are expatriates.

The country also recorded its first death on Sunday as the total number of confirmed cases increased to 556. Six people recovered, with 99 recoveries altogether.

According to the Health Ministry spokesperson Dr Abdullah Al-Sanad, the latest cases involved 58 Indian nationals, eight Pakistanis, three Bangladeshis, two Egyptians, two Kuwaitis, one Iranian and a citizen who had returned from France as part of the repatriation campaign.

MP Mohammad Al-Dallal said that the spread of the disease among expatriates is a concern and a lockdown, particularly in areas heavily populated by expats, should be considered.

No decision was announced after the meeting, which also discussed expanding the partial curfew hours and other measures.


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