Kuwait: Doctors Ordered To Pay $360,000 Compensation Over Fatal Blunders

A Kuwaiti appeals court has ordered the Ministry of Health and two doctors to pay $360,707 in compensation to heirs of an ex-lawmaker after they were convicted of committing medical blunders leading to his death.

Falah Al Sawagh, who was an elected member of the Kuwaiti parliament for two terms in 2009 and 2012, died in October 2016.

Earlier, he was admitted to a Kuwaiti hospital to undergo a liposuction procedure, but later suffered chest pain after the operation and died.

In November 2022, a lower court ordered the Ministry of Health and the two doctors to pay compensation of KD156,000 for the family after they were found guilty of fatal medical negligence. The court of cassation, hearing the case, had earlier issued a final ruling against both doctors convicting them of fatal mistakes during the operation on Al Sawagh. The top court also sentenced the two doctors to one year in prison and ordered them to pay a bail of KD5,000 to stay out of prison.

The conviction verdict was based on a report compiled by specialists from the Ministry of Health, medical forensic authorities and the Kuwait University’s medical school, delegated by the court. The report concluded that the ex-parliamentarian had died due to medical blunders as the experts found he had suffered bacterial blood poisoning resulting from the operation.

Three heirs had filed a lawsuit accusing three doctors at the hospital of committing medical errors that had led to Al Sawagh’s death.


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