Manama Dealer Busted In Undercover Drug Sting, Jailed For Five Years

The High Criminal Court has sentenced a 30-year-old man to five years in prison and fined him BD5,000 for drug dealing.

According to the case details, the Anti-Narcotics Directorate received information that the defendant was in possession of illegal substances with the intent to sell them. An undercover source was tasked with purchasing hashish from the defendant.

The source contacted the defendant by phone, under police supervision, and agreed to buy BD50 worth of the drug.

The source, accompanied by a police officer, met the defendant in Manama as arranged.

The defendant handed over the drugs to the source, and was later arrested by police officers who were monitoring the operation.

During the investigation, the defendant admitted to possessing the seized substance for personal use and selling it.

He confessed to agreeing to sell the drugs to the undercover source for BD50 and obtaining the drugs from an unknown Asian individual who would send them to designated locations for him to collect and pay for later.


News of Bahrain

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